Storage Efficiency

Store your data efficiently and cost-effectively without impacting service levels

We all know that data requirements are exploding and that budgets are flat, but one thing that is constant and even shrinking is the patience of end-users. By patience, we simply mean that end-users are now accustomed to seeing worldclass service levels, response times, and application/data performance. Thus, storage efficiency technologies and space-saving solutions now really need to incorporate these expectations into any deployment methodologies, or else risking offending the end-users that we all build solutions for and serve on a day-to-day basis. If the end-user isn't happy with their product, it really doesn't matter how much money is being saved within our strapped budgets.

Storage efficiency technologies like deduplication, compression, and virtualization are now available with many mainstream storage technologies. However, the one aspect that we've seen is difficult to pull off is to deploy these storage efficiency technologies in real-time, without impacting the overall user experience. Although many applications and use cases are not performance sensitive, those use cases that employ the most expensive forms of storage (i.e. "Tier-1") do in fact require that end-users and applications not see any impact to their experience.

With all that said, IBM and Mark III have a large portfolio of storage efficiency solutions that enable significant space and cost-savings, but do so in a performanceneutral or performance beneficial way.

As an example, IBM's Real-time Compression technology, which is backed by over 35 unique IBM patents, has been inserted into most of IBM's major storage platforms. With Real-time Compression in place, organizations can save up to 80% in capacity with only a minimal investment, all without impacting performance. This can often result in ROIs of 300%+, which is a pretty easy financial justification for most companies and organizations to make.

To hear more about IBM Storage Efficiency solutions and how Mark III's clients have been taking advantage of them to save and continue to deliver outstanding client outcomes, please reach out and ask us!