Network Simplification

Reduce cost and complexity of your network and maximize uptime

Very simply, the potential for network complexity is growing. With so many options and a seemingly endless number of networking technologies and protocols, it can often be overwhelming for one person or one organization to build a cohesive strategy to navigate such complexity in isolation.

Whether it be Ethernet Networking, Storage Area Networking, or converged networking, Mark III Systems has a wealth of expertise and may have a strategy that can fit for what you are looking for. With nearly two decades worth of experience designing solutions for the data center, we have the ability to pull from our experience with not only networking, but also virtualization, compute, and storage, in how we design for and strategically simplify the enterprise network. With more and more of these technologies overlapping and relying on each other like never before, the comprehensive view of the datacenter from our engineers has proven to an enormous value for our clients.

As an example, many of our engineers have extensive cross-functional experience in running datacenters, while touching networking, VMware, servers, and storage. Thus, when helping you design an overall networking simplification and optimization strategy, they'll be able to pull from experience in other areas, ensuring that your entire IT infrastructure strategy is optimized. In our experience, we've seen that this leads to significantly enhanced uptime and performance, and also reduces operational headaches for administrators and IT managers.

Some examples of technologies we've implemented in order to help with network simplification include: IBM PureFlex/Flex Systems, Brocade Ethernet Fabrics, IBM RackSwitch, IBM/Brocade FCoE strategies. However, we know that no application of technology can be done in a vacuum and must take into consideration other aspects of your overall IT strategy, in addition to the operational personality of your staff and organization. Therefore, we'll always take the approach of looking at how your organization runs and what skill set your organization might have, before we venture down the path of any one simplification strategy.

If network simplification is right for your organization, especially within the context of an overall transformational project (virtualization, cloud, etc), please contact us to see how we may be of service!