IBM Global Financing (IGF)

Partner with Mark III to gain access to the largest IT financing organization in the world

On a smarter planet, IBM has helped enable companies and other organizations all over the world to re-frame issues in unexpected ways, anticipate, rather than react to events, and seize competitive advantage. IBM Global Financing helps clients acquire the latest technological solutions and services so they can innovate, grow and become smarter. IGF does this by providing you and your organization with robust financing and asset management strategies – helping ambitious visions become reality.

IBM Global Financing helps credit-qualified clients acquire the IT solutions that they need in the most cost-effective and strategic way. You can choose from a variety of IT financing options to address your unique requirements, while helping to manage your cash flow and assets. IGF's IT financing specialists have partnered with Mark III to service clients for nearly 20 years (since Mark III's inception). By itself, IGF has nearly 30 years of long history helping clients achieve their IT goals through financing all over the world.

When you implement a long-term, customized IT financing strategy from IBM Global Financing, we’ll help you boost your purchasing power and maximize return on your technology investment. From the moment you start to plan an IT initiative across the lifespan of your solution, through the process of retiring your used equipment, we can help you make the smart decisions necessary to stretch your budget, conserve cash and meet today’s wide range of C-suite financial requirements.

Ask us how leveraging IGF financing or leasing for a solution designed by Mark III for your organization may help significantly benefit you!