Data Protection & Preservation

Reduce complexity and cost of data protection and retention

Data protection has become a critical priority in business today. As our planet gets smarter, our computing systems must become smarter too. Systems must become more automated, adaptive and robust. Data protection and retention solutions need to efficiently store and manage growing data volumes while keeping data secure and available. Protect your most valuable resources: your time, your reputation and your money.

Backup and Recovery

You backup your data so it can be recovered/restored in case of data loss or corruption – your business can't afford to not have key data available. But ongoing data growth places more and more demands on backup processes. IBM and Mark III offer a wide range of effective, efficient and secure backup and recovery solutions to ensure that key business information is always available.

One of the most important topics today in the world of data protection is the challenge in backing up and protecting virtualized environments, specifically VMware. Mark III has a set of very unique solutions for protecting VMware in a simple manner that leverages your existing skills, all while maximizing performance and optimizing uptime.

Continuous Operations

According to recent research, a one-hour IT system outage can cost a business $1.1M. Your IT systems need to be able to prevent and avoid outages and recover from them quickly, IBM offers a range of reliable, high-performance solutions to ensure that a business can remain operational through component failures or significant disasters.

Retention and Regulatory Compliance

Today, significant amounts of data must be saved to meet business or legal requirements. As the amount of information stored grows and grows, effective data archiving solutions can help you improve productivity, control both infrastructure and legal costs, and manage compliance and operational risks.