Where the rubber meets the road... let us make it easy for you!

Once the assessment, planning, and architecture phase is complete and the proper solution has been drawn up, Mark III can help your business and/or organization implement your desired solution. Starting with the procurement of hardware and software, we can help you ensure that your order is 100% correct and arrives in an accurate and timely manner. Once the equipment is onsite and ready to be implemented, our team of Senior SEs take over and will work your team in whatever manner you see fit in order to execute and implement the solution to your specifications.

We understand that every client is very different in the degree and desired amount of their own involvement. Thus, we can work within whatever boundaries you set out for us within the context of the overall project. If you'd like us just to rack physical servers and storage, we can do that. If you'd like for us to handle all physical installation and logical implementation of VMs, we can do that as well. If you're looking for a full hands-off, turnkey solution, complete with full documentation and training for your staff, we definitely can accommodate that as well. The majority of our implementation services projects are either turnkey or very close to turnkey.

References for nearly type of project that we've helped clients with are available on request. Additionally, we can provide past examples of documentation and training materials to provide a sample of the work that we can provide to you and your organization. Let us help you succeed!