IBM FlashSystems

Unleash business insights with highly available, extreme-performance flash storage

IBM FlashSystems

Whether you are an enterprise or a services provider, the age of digitization and cloud presents challenges. The “always-on” dynamic nature of cloud services requires infrastructure that can adapt, grow and provide consistent response under any workload. Delivering consistent, extreme performance for both long-time core applications and emerging digital applications, all while managing complex infrastructure can be costly. You must mitigate the impacts of variable use cases, application workloads, and noisy neighbors with high input-output demands that can conflict with other applications. 

Achieving the flexibility, scalability and performance essential to enterprises and service providers requires a new approach to data storage. IBM FlashSystems line, anchored by the revolutionary FlashSystem A9000, integrates the extreme performance of IBM FlashCore technology, highly parallel architecture and comprehensive data reduction in one powerful solution. Whether you are an enterprise or service provider requiring highly efficient management or an enterprise implementing cloud on a budget, IBM FlashSystems provide the simply consistent, simply reliable, simply efficient storage you need.


Jimmy's Quick Tip

Coupled with pattern removal, deduplication, and real-time compression, the IBM FlashSystem A9000 and its unique grid architecture can enable enterprises to achieve all-flash datacenters or infrastructures at a very reasonable cost.