IBM Power Systems (AIX, IBM i, Linux)

Proven enterprise compute platform for your most critical applications

IBM Power Systems (AIX, IBM i, Linux)

Whether it’s Linux, AIX or IBM i, Power Systems provides you with the freedom and flexibility of choice to respond to your unique business needs. Choice allows you to expand your options for faster and efficient technology development and IT integration with existing resources and ecosystem technologies. Today’s rich multi-media, big data and multi-device environment requires flexible options and industry compatibility so that you can integrate what you have today with what’s coming tomorrow.

Industry standard Linux, both Red Hat and SUSE, is available on every Power System offering a scalable alternative for your open source applications. Linux on Power offers choice and flexibility to scale your business on the fastest growing operating system in the world. Leverage industry standard Linux on Power to scale out, scale up, and scale within supported by highly efficient virtualization technology for low total cost of ownership.

Power Systems also provides the highest level of performance, security and reliability of any UNIX operating system through AIX and 25 years of proven expertise with IBM.

Discover the benefits that choice can provide your organization through Power Systems' open platform.

Andy L's Quick Tip

Although IBM Power Systems have always been known for outstanding RAS and performance while running AIX and IBM i (iSeries) workloads, the POWER architecture is actually perfect for Linux-powered Big Data workloads like Hadoop.  If you crunch the numbers, the incredible bandwidth available in a Power Systems Linux cluster can run your analytics workloads more quickly and save you a bundle in the process.