Our Partners: Nutanix

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Nutanix delivers an enterprise cloud platform that natively converges compute, virtualization and storage into a resilient, software-defined solution with rich machine intelligence. A leader in the hyperconverged space, Nutanix natively integrates compute and storage into a single x86-based server deployed in scale-out clusters. It reduces power and space, dramatically lowers management complexity, and makes virtualization invisible.

Nutanix is uniquely built with the following design points:

  • Intelligence in Software: 100% software-defined with no reliance on special purpose hardware for resilience, performance and availability
  • Distributed Everything: All data, metadata and operations are distributed across the entire cluster, eliminating performance bottlenecks and enabling predictable scalability without limits
  • Self-Healing System: Designed to tolerate component failures through fault isolation and automatic recovery without bringing down the overall system
  • Automation & Analytics: Extensive automation and rich system-wide monitoring for data-driven efficiency, combined with REST-based programmatic interfaces for integration with datacenter management tools